PREFACE. ANGUS BETHUNE. “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” is the one story in this collection that does not include a character from any of my. In “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “The Scarlet Ibis,” the conflict of the story shows that people can change considerably as a result of a. And since History tends to draw its parallel upon fictional tales of valor, it is stories such as “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” and “One Friday.

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I normally don’t care very much for short stories, but this one was very enjoyable, very easy to relate to, and it had a deeper meaning than what was literally on the pages.

Theme of the Short Story “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune”

The themes of overcoming difficult situations, opening up to outside help, and preventing bullying are all valiant teaching points. As the day approaches, Angus gains insightful advice from Granddad as well as enrolls in dance lessons for his big moment with Melissa.

I loved how in the end Melissa saw how people Rick treated Angus and knew it was someone she could truly talk to. I think it is safe to say that most students will be able to relate to this rather they are the villian or the victim and I also think that each group will have something to think about after reading the story. I think that this would be a good book for students to read, especially those that are experiencing bullying.

The honesty is authentic, and I think that is because of Crutcher being a therapist and knowing how important being honest with oneself is. Chris Antus “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” is a comical narrative that focuses mainly on the problems of bullying in the school system.


I noticed the lack of concern from those officials who can stop bullying. The prom queen happens to be the girl of his dreams, Melissa. In a constructivist classroom, the teacher may take time to point out the differences between the classmates to show how these differences make each individual unique.

Compared to “The Ketchup Incident” by Shawn Penning, this is a happy story that ends the way that the reader hopes it does.

This is one mpment that most anyone can relate to because our culture has caused us to believe that there is a certain acceptance through our appearance. Angus has a very unique life.

Theme of the Short Story ‘A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune’

His biggest fear is not angua humiliation ofr the prom betgune having to dance with a girl that he has been in love with all of his life. This short story brings up the issue of peer pressure and the strain of our image to others. Briev, the read was not nearly as enjoyable as I would like. Happiness versus Conformity Homosexuality was far more stigmatized when Crutcher first published this short story in than it is now.

Not only have I not realized this, but I haven’t realized how that can affect a teenager. I did not like the harsh, blunt attack that Angus put on himself. The message here is that accepting yourself with your faults and foibles can lead to a freedom that makes you feel as though there’s a place for you in the world.

It is similar to what we talked about Tuesday in class about there not being enough books about minorities, and how everyone wants to be able to relate to the main character in some way. Written by Chris Crutcher, this delightfully witty story places the reader inside the generous skin of Angus Bethune, a hilarious hero whose humor enables him to overcome even the most debilitating circumstances.

When Angus got the chance to become Winter Ball King, his dream of talking to and dancing with his dream girl Melissa Lefevre came true. I appreciated that the home life was unique and that the character was strong in his love and defence of his family. Reply More 10 KatieSpears Edited: This is the result of a joke by Rick Sanford, the boyfriend of Melissa, his long-time crush.


GHS “A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune” – Vocabulary List :

The author uses the huge problem of peer pressure in order to relate to adolescent readers. Because of his past, the author has become quite familiar with bullying problems, increasing his textual credibility.

It would not matter where in the year i placed this reading because this issue happens every day 2. I really liked his dry sense of humor in this work. This short story could help other students stand up to their bullies and teach them about the importance of being nice to peers. This shows how big of a struggle body image is for everyone whether popular or unpopular. Angus Bethune wants to fit in with the “in” crowd, but after years of torment over his weight and home situation, he knows that he will never belong to that group of individuals.

An activity i could do before or after reading this short story would be to place a big straight line down the middle of my class room and as students to stand on either side away from the line. High school students will be able to relate to Angus’s low self-esteem and what he does to raise it.

Overall, I think this is a wonderfully entertaining short story that can be taught in most classrooms. The short story exposes the reality of the lifs life that many kids face. Conversely, their shared love interest, Melissa LeFevre, treats people respectfully.

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