Aresti’s fundamental insight was that almost any aerobatic figure can be broken down Pingback: Aresti Notation (aerobatic symbols) | The Aerobatic Project. EXPLANATION OF ARESTI SYMBOLS. Beginning of flight. | End of flight. Inside loop (positive G). Start of manoeuvre. Outside loop (negative G). First published in , José Luis de Aresti’s ‘Sistema Aresti’ provided Aresti Notation (aerobatic symbols), Part 1: the Standard Known.

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The Wing-Over is a competition maneuver in glider aerobatics. The looping portions in almost all figures have to have the same radius in all parts of a figure.

A good sequence is more than the sum of its individual parts. You pull up and at the same time bank the plane. A good sequence depends on how these parts fit together. During the vertical line up, some right aileron and right rudder is needed to maintain the vertical attitude because of the engine torque and p-factor.

The Chandelle is not used in aerobatic competition. The next, the “free,” is a sequence unique to each competitor. The figure starts with a quarter loop to a vertical climb.

The K-values included with the competition figures give an indication of the difficulty of each of these maneuvers.

Transition is very important. A half roll then results in horizontal upright flight. There are hundreds of maneuvers, but most are variations of the maneuvers already covered. Credit is given in that publication to the “valuable suggestions and improvements proposed by Sr.


Families 1 through 8 depict basic figures, such as turns, loops and vertical lines; family 9 depicts rotational elements that can be added to basic figures to increase difficulty, change the direction of flight or invert the g-loading of the aircraft.

The looping part on the top of the figure does not have to be the same radius as the two other looping portions the quarter loops going into and coming out of the humpty. The two vertical lines and the horizontal line on top have to be of the same length.

Aresti Catalog – Wikipedia

Any deviation from the center results in a downgrading during a competition. Voice From Abroad: A roll symbol that crosses the line specifies a full roll first figure. The entire list of figures is shown in the current “Aerobatic Catalogue,” originally adopted in In both cases rudder is then used to start autorotation just like in a spin. Going into the figure and coming out, the same rules apply as for other figures quarter loops of constant and equal radius, vertical lines.

The airplane must then tip over and fall through a vertical down position.

Sequence Flying

No pilot should attempt to fly any of these figures in aircraft not certified for aerobatic flight. Parts of loops connect these line segments. But this broad symbos includes many other smaller categories of flying, including stunt flying, competitive aerobatics, and display flying. Symbpls is not an accurate name because the airplane symbole stalls.


Aerobatic competitors fly three “sequences” at each contest. In Aresti notation, solid lines represent upright or positive-g manoeuvers and dashed lines represent inverted or negative-g manoeuvers; these are sometimes depicted in red.

List of aerobatic aircraft. Why not take advantage of it? Following Aresti’s death, a court fight ensued between his heirs and FAI, which once provided a free catalog online. You push forward and fly the second half of an outside loop till you are in horizontal inverted flight.

Aresti Notation–Sunrise Aviation

After the roll is completed the nose is usually 20 – 30 degrees below the horizon. Once the rotation has stopped, a vertical downline has to be established.

After moving vertically down to pick up speed again, the maneuver is finished with the last quarter of a loop to horizontal flight. Figure 2 shows an outside snap.

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