Nancy Atherton’s seventeenth in the New York Times bestselling series sees the sleepy village of Finch set aflutter by a bewitching mystery from its. At the start of Atherton’s absorbing 17th mystery featuring paranormal detective Lori Shepherd (after ‘s Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree). Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch by Nancy Atherton, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Oh my, Aunt Dimity is likely to become a favorite summer read!

Though the books are light from the mystery point of view — no gore, little violence, not murder mysteries — early books in the series were warm and textured, like a favorite knitted wool afghan.

Maybe this is dimitg development! Somebody new is moving into the sleepy English village of Finch. Nancy Atherton does not disappoint lovers of the tiny British village of Finch. A bewitching, cosy mystery Author s: An additional although minor flaw has to do with continuity. Atherton also seems to be adding characters to this series over the last few books.

Amelia, meanwhile, sets about working on the riddle that brought her to town in the first place. At the beginning of each book, the author recaps everything. The “willing suspension of disbelief” required by fiction is easily broken by just such small inconsistencies, and I’m thrown out of the world of the story for a time.

Amelia Thistle is a disappointment to the villagers of Finch, but Lori Shepherd isn’t fooled by the new arrival’s bland persona.

Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch

Books are often re-read based on different moods and needs. Nov 02, Jill rated it it was amazing Shelves: The central mystery is solved in well-paced stages.

I don’t know if I’ve listed all the books in this series, but I’ve read them all and have never been disappointed! Lorelei You could probably read it out of order.


I borrowed this from the public library. This one was particularly good because of the puzzle and treasure hunt aspect. She has never taken tea with a vicar although she drank an Orange Squash with one once and she doesn’t plan to continue writing after her allotted time on earth though such pla Nancy Atherton is not a white-haired Englishwoman with a softly wrinkled face, a wry smile, and wise gray eyes, nor does she live in a thatched cottage behind a babbling brook in a tranquil, rural corner of the Cotswolds.

The story unfolds in the hunt for the pages Gamaliel Gowland hid in locations near St. A fragment of a family diary hints that one of Amelia’s ancestors might have been Mistress Meg, the Mad Witch of Finch.

We get to see a different side of the people of Finch and it’s refreshing. This is another fun installment!

Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch

Aunt Dimity’s Death is one of my comfort novels, the books I turn to when I’m tired, overwhelmed, or feeling blue: A fun, light, cozy mystery. About the “heroine”, her husband, sons, about …more You could villabe read it out of order. Even if you have not read all the books in this series, I have not, you can enjoy and immerse yourself in this cozy mystery.

The climactic revelation is one I should have but didn’t predict, and ties past and present together in a particularly satisfying way. While I was a bit surprised by the dead woman who talks in real time through a journal, I could go with it. I really enjoyed the story and am looking forward to reading more of Nancy Atherton’s series.

Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch by Nancy Atherton

The quest is afoot While the clues are not always dimit most obvious, it is marred by a few too many coincidences, such as a witvh who can easily solve a specific riddle just happening by at the right moment. Please add page count 2 12 Aug 23, Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch was the perfect ending to my frenzied reading of the entire series, whetting my appetite nicely for the next tale. Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch Author s: At first glance, the unassuming Mrs. Anf 20, Clayton Yuen rated it it was amazing.


I can tell, already, that Nancy Atherton has crafted a series made for porch nad and warm breezes, light enough to just. Sometimes you just want to relax and that’s why they make cozies.

In this case, in the first book in the series, it’s clear that Bill’s mother — William’s wife — died after being hit by a bus. These books never needed added organization, but seeing it here sets the volume apart from the others.

She brings a secret or two to Finch, secrets that will keep the town hopping for a couple of weeks. In many ways, this book is par for the series course. Aunt dimity communicates by writing on blue diary on the updates on the mystery Overall this series is good first time reading the series, aunt dimity. This novel stays firmly entrenched in the environs of its lovely and untouched Cotswold setting. Return to Book Page. It’s not one of the better books in the series.

Book review: Nancy Atherton’s *Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch*

I found it a bit silly and unrealistic. The scavenger hunt was fun and the village life was quite entertaining. Dec 27, Paulette rated it really liked it Recommended to Paulette by: The mystery ties in with seventeenth-century witchcraft yay!

No murder in the present with a mystery cimity in Finch’s distant past. The book is light and frothy, but in a pleasant manner that goes down easily.

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