Ayn Rand chose this book’s provocative title because she was on a mission to overcome the concept’s demonization. Synopsis and background info here. La Virtud Del Egoismo De Ayn Rand. 4 likes. Book. Find La Virtud Del Egoismo by Rand, Ayn at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers.

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Who in the big, wide world would be in his right mind and still write a book to praise selfishness?!

As if to be self-centered needs to be praised or called even virtuous! You would jump into a rushing river to save your child, but would you do the same for an elderly stranger? Just ehoismo the relation between state and citizen always has force underlying it, so too do private relations between, say, employer and employee. Butler, JudithCuerpos que importan. She also incorrectly predicted many of the results of capitalism so this makes her arguments for unhindered capitalism look obviously foolish.


Los episodios localizados tampoco alcanzan a inscribirse en la historia salvo cuando ocasionan efectos sobre toda la red de significaciones a la que se encuentran prendidos Foucault Foucault, MichelVigilar y castigar: And I was pretty bored by Branden’s sycophantic essays.

Rand outlines her Objectivist philosophy and explains the concept of rational self-interest.

Rand explains the self defeating impossible contradiction inherent within all systems of ethics which start with Altruism, and how such philosophies contributed and continue to create the worst atrocities the world has ever witnessed, and that because the basis of their values is the irrational, they create impossible contradictions and seek to gain fulfillment by destruction.

There was nothing in her “metaphysics” or “epistemology” that I found the least bit surprising or cont Ayn Rand was once asked if she could present the essence of her philosophy while standing on one foot. This would imply that even her followers can’t stomach some of her opinions. Paperbackpages. She says that capitalism has done more to eradicate racism than anything else, but as socialism creeps into societies, racism increases.


Although Anthem was a semi-interesting if hackneyed entertainment for an afternoon, this essay collection is as bad as it gets. As the Indian Govt paves the way for Right to Food Act, I see that there is an increasing need for more people to read this book and realise what they are witnessing is not the victory of Indian democracy over poverty and hunger, a victory of the principles of modern day altruism, the success of government over economic ills.

The description was bleak and harsh. Her timeline of US freedom pricks something in the back of my mind. Her detractors would claim that there is little to distinguish her fiction from her philosophy: It reminds me of the absurd co-opting of evolutionary principals for political “Social Darwinism” nonsense.

Her ideas on humans and what makes them human as opposed to brutes and how humans prefer to turn off their intelligence and not think really resonated with me.

It requires integrity, to never fake reality. There are merits to the book, though. Clastres, Pierre”Libertad, Desventura, Innombrable”. Lest this be confused: Apr 29, Manny marked it as to-read. The natural world is more driven by reproduction which means that animals regularly act on behalf of other related animals. Robert Audrey yes, even worse, there is anthropology. Isn’t life confusing sometimes?

What could those years mean? Mar 18, jessica rated it did not like it.

Ayn Rand | Open Library

I found this book to be worth reading. This book will turn you radn an asshole once you read it, someone will smack you, you’ll read it again, pick up the part everyone misses about morality being intrinsic, not non-existent and then you’ll live a happier, more whimsical life. View all 5 comments. I think that one dictator, Juan Peron here in Argentina, was given a de answer when he was forced into exile in That said, I think “The Virtue of Selfishness” is not her strongest effort. The title of the book is slightly misleading as most people have no true philosophical understanding of what is “selfishness”, immediately thinking of the irrational blanket understanding of individuals acting in grotesque mockery of true self interest, often harming themselves in the process.


It’s a collection of essays by Ayn Rand and Nathanial Branden that are not pro-heathenism per se. Objectivism is deeply anti-Christianity, and anti-religion in general.

That is what altruism is for me. Virutd we never approached this text expecting honesty. Her contention is that such people are not selfish enough, for if they were truly selfish, they would have their true self-interest at heart and are therefor acting irrationally and not selfish at all.

And there is much to admire here. Al reprimirse la necesidad subjetiva de cambiar la realidad, pareciera que ya no hay nada que transformar.

The truth, as in most cases, lies somewhere in the middle. And it is certainly immoral to suggest that society as a whole meaning, of course, government has a moral obligation egosmo provide a social safety net for those who have been born ill-equipped to face the challenges of living in a modern society, or into familial or social circumstances which render it nearly impossible to develop into fully contributory citizens.

She wrote in the book: Nevermind that factory owner egoisko factory with moneys acquired through inheritance from estate built on slavery and slaughter of natives. So is it good to be selfish? More precisely, the problem of survival is solved, by recognizing that survival demands constant growth and creativeness. This is a nasty problem throughout t Part II of multi-part review series. La captura de los aparatos del Estado ha demostrado su ineficacia para derrumbar los poderes que interpelan al sujeto desde su individualidad.

She seems to be reacting against a world that I’m unfamiliar with–a world divided between creative people who just want to do their thing, and parasites who just want to steal all their hard work.

I know you’re passionate, Rand, but get a hold aynn yourself.

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