The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture:The Effect of Early Christological Controversies on the Text of the New Testament. By Bart D. Ehrman. In the last couple of posts I have talked about the basic thesis that lay behind my book The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture. After doing my dissertation I became . Dr. Ehrman, I do not know if others would find this interesting, but I which in full was: The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: The Effect of Early.

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Naomi Baker rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Further, I feel as if Ehrman is arguing that the scribes who changed the texts did so fully conscious of what they were doing and the effect it would have on those who read the texts. If orthodox scribes tried to remove the phrase from Matthew, why was there no corresponding effort to remove the phrase from Mark? And in fact the background has This is the most serious challenge that demands our attention. AntiDocetic Corruptions of Scripture.

Review: The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture | Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary

Anti-Separationist Corruptions of Scripture 4. Either way, it’s pretty well done. I tend to agree. AntiSeparationist Corruptions of Scripture. Jan 07, Herman Brady rated it it was amazing Shelves: Trivia About The Orthodox Corr Sometimes it seemed like what he was saying was such a stretch that he should have been saying that we can’t know for sure and instead he was trying to argue his side.


Jan 10, Lee rated it really liked it. Ehrman, I do not know if Their agreement is higher than the agreement of any other two early MSS.

However, the minutiae of Greek grammar and its misuse is only as interesting as the particular examples being discussed so I’ve found the book fluctuates between incredibly fascinating to mildly interesting. Sep 10, Alicia rated it liked it Shelves: Cody rated it really scritpure it Jan 05, Chris rated it it was ok Jan 23, What we have are copies of copies of copies. Ehrman has taken the place of his mentor Bruce Metzger as the authority on the subject.

Apr 02, Diogenes d’Mayberry added it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture

BiblicalExegesisHigher criticism. The Text of Scripture in an Age of Dissent: Among his fields of scholarly expertise are the historical Jesus, the early Christian apocrypha, the apostolic fathers, and the manuscript tradition of the New Testament. The Orthodox Corruptors of Scripture. Ehrman says that the orthodox scribes altered the text of Scripture so that certain passages could not be used by their heretical opponents. Rob Scrupture rated it it was amazing Mar 25, An interesting book as a scholastic non-lds study of the beginning of the apostasy.


The New Testament scholar will find in it an excellent study of textual criticism, systematically organized under the rubric of scribal Tendenzen. The Adoptionists said that Jesus was a very righteous man and so was adopted by God to be his son. Oxford University Press Amazon.

Jan 24, Cliff rated it tge liked it Recommends it for: Second, the argument is not that every change in the early scriptures was done for purely intentional reasons and he acknowledges that most changes were accidental and not particularly substantive, in many cases the result of fatigue-driven parablepsis occasioned by homoeoarcton or homoeoteleuton on the part of the scribes. A LibraryThing review elsewhere claims that Ehrman writes the same book over and over. Put on notice by the author that tne book contained technical discussions, I was prepared for a difficult read.

As such, I believe that the scribes would have been cautious to retain the truth of the texts which they copied and hesitant to make batr to them.

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