Golf Swing Construction The Bertholy Method Revisited [Doug Ferreri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Bertholy method [Paul Bertholy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Golf Swing Construction The Bertholy Method Revisited. http://www. Thanks to BC_Mist, I ordered this book a month ago.

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Total Golf Fitness – The Bertholy Method

You MUST practice the drills immaculately and as often as possible so it can creep up naturally in your swing. The concept of improving your golf swing without hitting balls may be baffling to some, however, progress is accelerated by doing it this way.

Fri Jan 01, 4: How exactly does it improve your tempo, is it because when you swing a normal club it will seem so light that you swing real easy but actually quite fast? The book is sold form that site only.

Golf Swing Construction The Bertholy Method Revisited.

Cheers, Strive for perfection, but never expect it! My game is up and down, as of yesterday I went out and hit every drive and berthooy to satisfaction Wish I was young enough to still use bretholy Bertholy method, I was much longer especially with long irons using Bertholy.

I have tried a lot of training aids and took lessons for two year and nothing come close to what I felt in two week with program 1.

I may give it a shot over the off season. Program 1 is simply holding 7 key positions for 10 seconds each.


Total Golf Fitness – The Bertholy Method

Movements are initiated and guided by rhythmic breathing. Originally Posted by Hank Hill. The Bertholy Method will increase the flexibility and strength of your arms and wrists, get you to an “on plane” position that will cause the club head to berthly the ball from the inside, delay the unhinging of the wrists and trail arm until later in the downswing, ensuring that the hands are ahead of the ball at impact, and should improve tour tempo.

Just make sure to follow the instructions and keep you wrist as flat as possible. As in any dojo martial arts training hall Tiger learned to take his swing apart position-by-position in slow-motion, and put it back together to ingrain the swing into his muscle memory.

I looked there and it appeared that they wanted either a cheque or money order and the site seemed to be catered to Americans. I highly recommend this book to any serious golfer that is willing to work 15 to 30 methdo day on home based drills.

School of Golf – Martin’s Library: The Bertholy Method

You have sold me. Paul was years ahead of his time. Mike, you mentioned that your index went from 9. Any other info on your current progress with this system would be much appreciated. Point taken on the ‘modern’ swing. Is there a local way to get a copy of this book?

You wrist will hurt for the first couple of week.

Thu Dec 16, 9: Yes, it’s true this site has more than its fair share of the best minds around. Regards, amac I sent an e-mail to Doug.


Not that Sergio used this book but merhod swing is the same as Paul teaches.

I have been working on program 1 for three weeks now. Is this easy to build, I have no experience of putting my own grips on berthlly let alone a copper pipe, does the book give good instructions on building the weighted club. Keep up the good work. Golf Magazine ran a two part series in to introduce its readers to the Bertholy method. Last edited by jvincent; at He would have students do bent over deltoid raises a day to develop these muscles.

It may be deferent for you but it is worth the shot. Very good site thank you so much for your time in publishing the posts for all of us to learn about. Now in my early 70’s and can’t use the system anymore, need to be flexible to get high hands at the top, then pull down to set the lag, before reversing swing.

There have only been a couple days where I have caught video of myself with this early left elbow “reappearance”. I dropped to 7. Our own mberube started this thread. Moe Norman, who visited Paul twice a year, worked himself up to lifts a day.

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