Nog maar een maand en dan is het al weer tijd voor Lowlands! komt het blokkenschema online en kan je de LL18 app downloaden!. You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘blokkenschema’ tag. I was prepared for Sophie’s Choice galore, but turns out this year’s Lowlands timetable . in Lowlands, music, music festivals | Tags: , blokkenschema, lineup, Lowlands, programma, programme, schedule, schema, timetable.

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How did that happen? If there were any doubts about Dutch sensation Kyteman and his Hiphop Orchestra justifying an Alpha slot, they were smashed to smithereens by thousands and thousands of festival goers pooring in and spreading out all around the tent. Blood Red Shoes vs. And where was Parow during the hilarious closer Doos Dronk?

Surely this cannot be what my face looks like? Stretched out in the grass, the waves of dark psychedelic harmonies and spaced out guitars made for a pleasant drug free trip in the late afternoon. On the other side of the dance spectrum we find the straight laced but seductive London synth sound of Hot Chip.

Well there we have it, another musical minefield of a timetable. Might go and check out the trippy Australians from Tame Impala first. Just a shame the newly arrived llaunchers were so excited they chatted straight through her set. I could easily wake up with a bit of Airborne Toxic Event, mosey on over to Patrick Wolf, have a nap in the grass before Devotchka, take in some Maximo Park and Lady Sovereign before getting the hips back in action with Kyteman and Basement Jaxx.

Does It Offend You, Yeah? Or their lack of stage presence? The understated Lou Reed style singing of Charlie Fink became monotonous after a while and failed to hold my attention. The answer is yes, it was as bizarre and then some, with the singers prancing around in diapers, white duct tape boobcoverage and glowing wings, but combined with the thrashing electro screamfest they produced it actually worked really well.


I was attempting to save some energy for the next stop, must be getting old…. But then within seconds she has the ability to move you in a song. After the manic mayhem of the Odd Future gang I was in need of some soothing sounds, and who better to dish them up than the ethereal ladies of Warpaint? Rock Werchter Nieuws. I did arrange to meet up with friends for a reliable boogie with Groove Armadabut we were disappointed. I was suprprised by how receptive the crowd was to their Yann Tiersen meets mariachi style music, and equally lowlancs how shy Condon is!

If I run real fast I might be able to make it a cross the terrain to catch a full Foals set. After a semi-relaxed schedule on Friday the tables turned on Saturday and the running-around-like-a-blue-arsed-fly-phase announced itself. Even though The National is not necessarily my cup of tea I decided it loslands be worthwhile to have a peek and indeed it was. This site uses cookies. Then there is a road block. Go out with the festive gypsy sounds of Shantel?

Kylie Minogue naar Glastonburykanshebbers voor onder andere Rock Werchter en Lowlands en meer. And so I decide to enjoy Massive Attack from bloikenschema sidelines with some much needed refreshment.

lowlajds Obviously the Florence buzz has spread, there were already quite a lot of people sitting on the floorboards to mark their territory. Kyteman has arrived, and so has his massive on stage posse, including a huge choir for the occasion. The next major decision will most likely be determined by my mood.

These boys definitely know how to pull the stops out in a live show and the new songs fitted right in. Blokkenscema joined in from opening line Alabama, Arkansas and made the most of it, but it could have been so much more.

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Santogold slightly more unpredictable, possibly more exciting? Although I was standing at the back all around me were blokkenscchema faced girls shaking their hips, their male companions awkwardly attempting some form of appropriate movement. Hier is het feestje! Grizzly Bear and The Prodigy?

Lowlands timetable tension | brokenbranches

Running across the festivalgrounds takes its toll even on me, and so it happened that I was singing along to Drunk Girls whilst munching on a curry in the neighbouring food area. Collateral damage of the day: Friday evening in the Grolsch tent second largest. Then back to the camp sight to spend roughly three hours dreaming of what a wonderful edition was. Hanging onto my mellow folky mood I was in luck: I myself have only been converted to the church of Elbow recently and stood in awe at the ease and confidence with which the band slowly builds a set that ends in a euphoric climax of togetherness.


Should producers Buxton and Ratcliffe refrain from singing temselves? I was attempting to save some energy for the next stop, must be getting old… Making sure to get to the majestic Alpha stage in plenty of time to get in the front section, it was time to get ready for the last band of the day: Bit of a conundrum around 7 when CaribouJonsi and later Ginger Ninja and Air collide… Caribou will definitely get a look in though!

I was lucky enough to stumble right into Wind Phoenixperfect sunny song of distorted genius to start the weekend! Decisions decisions… Then a final toss up: In the new festival lay out I walked the longest stretch of terrain all the way from India to Charlie stage to catch the indie pop creations of Wolf Gang. Ook de app is vanaf 26 juli te downloaden. Friday 21st of August. Many young girls wearing jeans hotpants and Ray Bans were having the time of their lives though.

I enjoyed it immensely and so did everyone else considering we were all still singing the last song for ten minutes after the band left the stage. Sunday Then the last festival day comes around, it must be getting easier by now right?

There was an absolute goosebump moment with the beautiful Airplanes. Military style planning is the only way to go!

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