Hello, is there a book on how to start using CADSTAR? -or a tutorial anywhere,? my company is loosing patience with me as i struggle to learn. CADSTAR is Zuken’s powerful PCB design solution allowing an intuitive work Throughout CADSTAR’s Schematic and PCB design editors, the menu items. Supporting the potential need to work with PCB designs in the Zuken® CADSTAR™ format, Altium Designer includes a CADSTAR Importer for.

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As a library evolves user attributes are added which can be tutogial within the parts library on the Definitions tab, however as you add them there is currently no ability to sort the columns within the Library Editor.

Looking for an elementary tutorial on Cadstar 1. This way they are immediately obvious and can be immediately corrected.

A spacing class will overrule your design rules. There often seems to be discussions about which unit of measurement to work in, they pop up on the web several times throughout the year. Here is a picture of a car, it does not work – what is wrong with it?

Wednesday, 11 January You may receive communications from Altium and can change your notification preferences at any time.

Demonstration Movies of Key Features

Hierarchical block is xadstar 3. Suggestions on how to get more reading it would be most welcome. Doing so will allow Altium Designer’s CADSTAR importer to correctly map the pin names from schematic component to pcb footprint by using the pin names in the part definition. Generally when creating a part and I am adding a hyperlink to a datasheet, I want to add the full path including file name into my parts library.


CADSTAR tutorial or book

Which one you choose is dependant upon the type of hole you want and how you want to use it. Well of course it does not work – its only a toy one, but if you asked these questions to a car mechanic they would want to know a little more about what is wrong with it, has the wheel fallen off?

This will delete the lock file cadstag allow you to open the design file again and continue to use file locking. Hey folks, if anyone is reading this blog and has any comments or questions – or anything that you want to know about in particular that may give me a subject to blog about then by all means, please ask or comment. AF modulator in Transmitter what is the A? What are Spacing Classes and why use them?

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. If ayone is actually fadstar at this blog? Second, use Windows Explorer with the ability to view hidden and system files enabled, to browse for and delete the lock file. The time now tutorrial This problem is prevented by exiting the pad with a thicker and slowly reducing to the width of the track piece of copper, this copper item is referred to as a teardrop due to its shape.

Saturday, 6 December My car is broken – cdastar wrong with it? Part items in the Parts library are referenced by symbol definitions in a separate Symbol library file, cadstad is the second file required by the importer when creating an Altium Designer schematic library. Friday, 6 May Creating a zoned document symbol set. I have had designs that others have drawn that have had danglers like this and there have been net disconnects which would have made the circuit a failure had I not changed the dangler shape as one of the first things I do in a schematic.



I have discovered that there is a way to sort them using a non-formatting text editor such as Notepad. Sunday, 8 May Preparing a schematic template with zone link support. Unfortunately if your dangler is the same tytorial as a junction then it looks the same and you do not notice that the connections are not actually the same net. Monday, 1 July Adding file paths into an part entry hyperlink field.

CMOS Technology file 1. This too is not the most elegant way of managing it.

CADSTAR Import | Online Documentation for Altium Products

Or whatever your metric version is. There are some features that are applied to all components however we the user want to be able to control which ones we see and which we do not. For example, where a Parts library file called ‘ parts. Although there is an obvious choice of whether you want them filled or clear some disastrous mistakes have been made because of bad choices made when creating the simple diode symbol.

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