Definition of triphthong – a union of three vowels (letters or sounds) pronounced in one syllable (as in fire). English doesn’t really have triphthongs because no phonemic sequence of three vowel sounds occupies the same syllable in English. As with. There are three triphthongs that are generally agreed upon in American English: / aʊə/ (“ah-oo-uh”), /aɪə/ (“ah-ih-uh”), and /jʊə/ (“ee-oo-uh”). These always.

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No, it wasn’t a reaction to what you said. Unless they make a difference in phonetics, I don’t see triphthoongs a morpheme or word boundary should be relevant. Smoothing means the loss of the second part of the strong vowel diphthong. I gave an explanation of that re Cowellfollowed by an apologia for the claim that pairs like hire and higher are potentially distinct.

phonetics – Does English really have triphthongs? – English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Could you say a little more about trjphthongs the syllable can be defined in englih terms? Hm, make that “Wye” or the name of the letter “Y”, so as to avoid the issue of voiced vs voiceless w. Generic Cialis 21 September at Chaa 10 December at Also, for the record, “fire” and “hour” are definitely two syllables for me. This reminds me of a discussion about George R. The existence of one-syllable forms of words like “science” and “quiet” seems to me to be parallel to the process which leads to the NEAR vowel appearing in words like “theatre” and “vehicle” which I neglish as two syllables.


These speakers distinguish [higher “hai- ] from [hire “hai ], [dyer “dai- ] from [dire “dai ], etc I have been mostly dragging text into it, whereupon it tends to become as uneditable as if you type straight into the box. Many non-rhotic speakers may have homophones like “see a” vs.

So I agree with you, after all. Taylor Feb 8 at Listen to people talking about “science and technology” or “firepower”. Well of course the old man’s etymology for kimono failed to take account of the fact that the Japanese are the entire complement of the Lost Tribes of Israel, Hebrew and all.

In “Playas”, the third sound of the supposed triphthong is not a schwa so it’s far more present in the pronunciation and it’s therefore much more difficult to imagine this word as monosyllabic. Peter Roach English Phonetics and Phonology, 4th ed.

English teacher, Spanish learner and speaker for 15 years, living in Mexico. Does the word playa have a triphthong in it, or two diphthongs, or what? It’s englisj possible to even sing them as such, try as I might. These sequences are subject to two possible processes: For them CVVC would be a word like chaosdisyllabic.


I first verified with native speakers of southern English that they indeed say these two words identically.


This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat I treat the items we are discussing as basically sequences of a strong vowel plus a weak vowel. Humbly Valdas Banaitis from Lithuania. I don’t think triphthonga BrE or AmE has triphthongs, but the chart here shows some that are close where trihthongs or glides are quasi vocalic. Lazar 11 December at Regarding English triphthongs two examples immediately occur to me: Part of the definition of a polyphthong is that it is tautosyllabicwhich no triphthong is in English, at least not phonemically.

The most complex English sounds of the vowel type are the triphthongs. My pupils made me engoish cut off triphthongs from the compound vowels sail on the vowel boat model mast.

British English pronunciation: Triphthongs

Is that anything like a trikini? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Posted by John Wells at Here in Australia, the first set in particular is generally pronounced as a distinct two syllables by some dnglish [ni:.

This article needs additional citations for verification.

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