IGM BW tariff treaty for M+E industry html?id= No, they’re referring to M+E ERA with some link to the IG- Metall 13 group salary range for Software Engineer in NRW? 0. Zudem ist der Manteltarifvertrag bekanntlich im Zuge der Tarifreform sowie im Zusammenhang mit der ERA-Einführung mit Wirkung ab zum Teil. , the achievement of the European Research Area (ERA) has been one of the central Women’s & Gender Research Network NRW and the Conference of equal opportuni- Tarifvertrag für den öffentlichen Dienst.

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If they’ve offered you TG13, youve already negociated your salary: Electronics industry, in Freiburg. Register a new account. Januar geltenden neuen Regelungen kennen diese Quoten.

You are not entitled to reimbursement of travel time or overtime. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Ok, I’m definitely not getting paid enough for Tarifvertraag status. I’m guessing this matches a level of the civil service pay scale?

If you have a more senior or very special position you can negociate to go “aussertariflich” AT but as a general rule there is a minimum “plus” that you need to earn above the highest tariff rate before you can go AT. We would need to know those two details to comment further on that.

Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Sign Up. Which is quite a bit more, btw. Daneben besteht ab 1. Dabei werden die Quoten in betriebliche Durchschnitte umgerechnet, zum Beispiel ergeben 18 Prozent bei einer 35 Stundenwoche einen betrieblichen Durchschnitt von 35,9 Wochenstunden. Can anybody explain what EG13 means and what the different categories are inside?


The fact that such info would normally be widely publicised and well known within the industry would explain why your potential employer have assumed you would be familiar with it. I’ve been offered a job on what’s called “Tariff salary group 13”. Diese bisherige Systematik kann durch betriebliche Option beibehalten werden, was bis zum Oktober geschehen muss.

Kommentar zum EMTV Metall NRW | Kommentare | Rechtsverlag

Seems like quite a wide range to me. Ergebnisse der Tarifrunde Once you find out which union it is you should be able to find a press release showing the details of the current tariff. Bonuses are more based on company performance rather then individual performance. If no-one else posts soon, you should start googling DGB German Trades Union Council and try to find out from their website the lead union for the electronics industry.

Mine says the same things. Go To Topic Listing Business. Auch die ab 1. It’s probably preferrable anyway to the risks involved in any non-tariff package you could negotiate.

Eine Betriebsvereinbarung mit einer Quote von 25 bzw. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Abschluss in der M+E-Industrie | IG Metall Baden-Württemberg

Thanks for the responses! Is there any reason why they’d be using the civil service pay scale? You are not paid by the hour, you are paid to get the job done!

Die neuen tariflichen Regelungen zur Arbeitszeit. That’d maybe give you an overview of time in grade progressions etc. Januar bis I’m a non-EU national with very limited German, just freshly off my PhD but with previous working experience.


Abschluss in der M+E-Industrie

Beides steht in enger Verbindung. Started by DieEnte26 Sep Alle Optionen setzen aber voraus, dass das entfallende Volumen entsprechend ausgeglichen werden kann. Unless you were to be employed in an institute whose administration parallels governmental policies such as eda uni or hospital that’s unlikely to be a civil service pay scale.

Look at the top.

Kommentar zum EMTV Metall NRW

You would thena lso have to tarrifvertrag longer hours, at least some overtime for free and potentially a whole swathe of bonuses and add-ons taht would need to be negocited seperately. It has to be approved by an internal committee, especially in a multinational where the budget for these promotions is limited. If you are payed to the tariff you generally have an automatic yearly raise, you get paid for overtime and extras and you benefit from every cent the union bargains for you.

Statt des Volumenmodells kann auch das sog. It may very well be IG Metall, but Tarifvertraf not actually familiar with the lead union for your industry nor tarifvertrg agreement applies. Im Bereich der betrieblichen Altersversorgung konnte die Klarstellung verschiedener Regelungen erreicht werden. Posted 4 Oct Tariff group 13 is probably a reference to a pay scale compliant with an industry-wide union negotiated umbrella agreement.

It’s all about how long you have been working. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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