Three new eriophyid species (Phyllocoptinae), Shevtchenkella denticulata sp. n., Notallus pestehae sp. Keywords: Animalia, ORDO, FAMILIA. Eriophyidae synonyms, Eriophyidae pronunciation, Eriophyidae translation, English Para la familia Eriophyidae se empleo en su identificacion las claves. Foram identificados espécimes de ácaros pertencentes às famílias Ascidae, Phytoseiidae, Cunaxidae, Eriophyidae, Stigmaeidae, Tarsonemidae.

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Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control. La gran mayoria de los acaros que provocan danos en los diversos cultivos o plantas de otro tipo como arvenses, forestales, medicinales y ornamentales, pertenecen a 6 familias agrupadas en la subclase Acari Superfamilias Tetranychoidea, Tarsonemoidea y Eriophyoidea: Four eriophyoid species Aceria mangiferae Sayed,Aceria pistaciae Nalepa,Aceria stefanii Nalepa, and Calacarus citrifolii Keifer, have been recorded from Anacardiaceae Mehrnegad and DaneshvarArbabi et al.

Para la familia Eriophyidae se empleo en su identificacion las claves localizadas en algunas publicaciones Jeppson et al. O estudo foi conduzido em campos de seringueira de Itiquira e Pontes e Lacerda, Estado do Mato Grosso, com seis clones: Services on Demand Journal. Relation to the host plant. Acaridia, Canestriniidae et Lorryia formosa n.

Entretanto, o efeito sobre C.

It is the first record of an eriophyoid mite collected from E. Phytoseiidae Acarina associated with citrus in Florida. Phytoseiid mites Acari associated with rubber trees and other euphorbiaceous plants in southeastern Brazil. Prodorsal shield 44 44—52 included the frontal lobe, 73 68—77 wide, semicircular in anterior shape with a broad, semicircular frontal lobe, 13 12—16over gnathosomal base provided with a spine on the lateral view.


Lorryia formosa Cooreman, Alguns produtores afirmaram que C. Some phytoseiid mites from the South Pacific, with descriptions of new species and definition of the Amblyseius largoensis species group.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Amblyseiopsis aerialis Muma, This species is named based on the denticulate shape of the female genital coverflap.

Three new species from the subfamily Phyllocoptinae (Acari, Trombidiformes, Eriophyidae) in Iran

Annual Review of Entomologyv. Life-styles of phytoseiid mites and their roles in biological control.

Calacarus heveae,Tenuipalpus heveae e Eriophyidae. Genital coverflap 15 13—1823 23—27 wide, with 14 13—15 striae and denticulate margin; setae 3a 20 15—20 apart, 15 14— Shield pattern distinct and including 26 depressed cells; tubercles of setae sc on the rear shield margin 32 32—37 apart, setae sc 8 7—9projecting posteriorly.

Two new species of Eriophyid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) from Durmitor mountain, Yugoslavia

Nine species of plants belonging to seven families were studied and mite species were identified, belonging to the families Ascidae, Phytoseiidae, Cunaxidae, Eriophyidae, Stigmaeidae, Tarsonemidae, Tenuipalpidae, Tetranychidae and Tydeidae. Tetranychidaemit besonderer Beruecksichtigung der niederlaendishen Arten.

Acari coletados em seringueira Hevea brasiliensis Willd.

Experimental and Applied Acarologyv. Prodorsal shield 48; setae sc 9, 34 apart; opisthosoma with 21 dorsal semiannuli and 68 ventral semiannuli; male genitalia 20 wide. Em Itiquira, foi dominante C. Mites were recovered from plant materials according to the faimlia washing method based on the protocol developed by Monfreda et al.

Services on Demand Journal. Editora Novos Talentos, Jaboticabal.


This is the first record of the genus Echinacrus on plants of family Solanaceaefirst record of this genus in Iran and the first record of eriophyoid mites on Lycium ruthenicum.


Tubercles of setae sc on the rear shield margin, 33 28—35 apart, setae sc 16 15—19directing backward.

Tenuipalpidae on blueberry in Florida. The genus classification follows Amrine et al. Dano causado e sintomas de ataque. Os resultados aqui expostos foram obtidos de um simples, mas extensivo levantamento. Measurements and means are rounded off to the nearest integer when required, and refer to the length of the morphological characters unless specified otherwise. The specific epithet is coming from the Persian common name pesteh given to pistachio.

Three new eriophyid species PhyllocoptinaeShevtchenkella denticulata sp. ApiaceaeEringo or Sea Holly.

Small and circular microtubercles, closer to the posterior famili of ventral semiannuli. A taxonomic review of the family Phytoseiidae, with descriptions of 38 new species. Material and methods The eriophyoid mite fauna of Faimlia thyrsoideumPistacia vera and Lycium ruthenicum was surveyed in the southwest of East Azerbaijan, Iran, during Eriophydae hospederos y registros de acaros fitofagos para Costa Rica: Gnathosoma 41 38—43 projecting obliquely downwards, chelicerae 37 35—41setae d 5 4—5unbranched.

Effect of pesticide on Calepitrimerus vitis Nalepa, Acari: XML Treatment for Notallus pestehae: Body spindle shaped, —, including gnathosoma73 thick, 68 68—79 wide. Notes et observations sur les Acariens. Anacardiaceae and Lycium ruthenicum Murray Solanaceaerespectively. Acarofauna asociada a huertas de papayo en Veracruz, Mexico.

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