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Prepare and install one GE cargo parachute or three G cargo parachutes to the A cargo bag according to FM /TO 13C FM /TO 13C, 21 August , is changed as follows: 1. New or changed material is , c1. , c1. ARMY FM (FM ). AIR FORCE TO . This publication supersedes FM /TO 13C, 31 October FM /TO 13C

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FigurePlywood and honeycomb secured 10-50-3. Pass the las fn ngs through Che inboard shackles of the outside drums and the shackles of the center drum. Place a foot cargo ex- traction parachute and a foot 3-looptype XXVI nylon webbing extraction line on the load for installation in the aircraft.

W Adhesive, paste, 1 -gal Clevis, suspension: Install a tandem link on the front of each platform side rail using holes I k 2, and 1, 3. Lash the drums together as shown in Figure Replace the cap on the bag. Place the skid on a level surface.

Do NOT add the by inch skidboards, the four layers of honey- comb, and the G parachutes. Figu re 3 – 6, Sk id p rvpared and konvyca m h s t ticks p laved. IM-lnch cotton webbing not shown. Through the rear shackle of the center drum.


Preparing Containers Prepare 40 containers as shown in figure 10-50-3 two by Inch pieces of honeycomb. Measurements given in this section are from the front edge of the platform, NOT from the front edge of the nose bumper. It is 10 inches square and 17 inches high. Close one end by folding the end flaps. Preparing Inner Container a.

DO NOT use shorter lines to form the foot extraction line. The CINCs responses will be used to chart the direction and role for airdrop in the 21st century.

FM Titles (Version , ) Remarks A B

It is made up of a fiber board box and a plastic bag insert. Parachute release attached CI. Further, we will continue to maintain a range of airdrop capabilities to support all contingencies throughout the Army. Equipment Required Equipment required to rig fifty ounce cans for free drop is listed in table C Aircraft, Place a foot cargo extraction parachute and a foot 3 -looptype XXVI nylon webbing extraction line on the load for installation in the aircraft. Enclosed you will find a numerical list and the number of changes of the manuals that have unlimited distribution.

Center eight prepared water con- tainers on the cover. Honeycomb is placed between the inner and outer containers. It is 62 inches long and 53 inches in diameter.

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Equipment Required Equipment required to rig ounce zip-top cans for free drop is listed in table Remove pages Insert pages i through viii i through xii through through through Glossary- 1 References-1 Glossary- 1 References-1 3.

Through the rear shackle of the first drum. Therefore, maintaining Joint Inspection training program is no longer required for this equipment. Installing and Safetymg Suspension Slings Install four large suspension clevises and four foot 2 -loop p type XXVI nylon webbing slings to the tandem links as shown in Figure Install a tie-down clevis to bushings 3 and 4 on each rear tandem link.

FM Titles (Version 5.7, 6-21-01) Remarks A B

Positioning Honeycomb Position two by inch, two by inch, and two by inch pieces of honeycomb as shown in figure Airdrop, extraction force transfer w cable: Center the A cover on the sling assembly with the outside of the cover down. Install a tie-down clevis on bushings I and 2 on each front tandem link 5. Description of Items The description of the unrigged items covered in this manual is given below:

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