Innis, Harold A., Empire and communications \ i~,~}. k \1.\i.. ‘i+h l”!r·,)~\_l.t rVl. I\ P;’3·\:: ,f~.rl PAPER AND THE PRINTING PRESS ;Ji! ‘Jt~j. Harold Innis: Prophet of Empire & Communications. 03Jan Photograph of Harold Innis standing among lilacs, no date Harold Innis, no date. Source. Empire and Communications examines the impact of media such as stone, clay, papyrus and the alphabet on the empires of Egypt and.

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Innis Limited preview – The number of gods was reduced and impetus given to monotheism. The Sumerians had limited need for signs representing syllables, but the Babylonians were compelled to spell out every single word of the syllables. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. With the script of the Vannic people that of the Hittites disappeared in competition with the Phoenician alphabet.

The political decay of Aramean cmomunications was followed by the cultural and economic supremacy of Aramaic by the end of the seventh century. A triangular stylus of about the size communcations a small pencil with four flat sides and one end bevelled was introduced, probably in the second half of the third millennium.

With other Semitic languages it was admirably adapted to the vivid, vigorous description of concrete objects and events. Dominance of monopolies of knowledge in the centre of civilizations implied limitations on the fringes, particularly with new languages compelled to emphasize simplicity rather than complexity in writing.


The Jewish ideal of direct government by God implied opposition to the deification of kings who were never recognized as divine by nature but were subject to law and threatened by the prophets if they disregarded it.

Empire and Communications by Harold A. Innis

Surplus signs and cumbersome determinatives were discarded in the interest of speed and brevity. Increased revenues necessitated complex systems of accounting and writing intelligible to colleagues and successors. Monasteries, he notes, had amassed large properties through innls exemption from taxation and competed with the state for labour. Innis traces the influence of the newer medium of papyrus on political power in ancient Egypt.

Empire and Communications

Ships from and sold by Amazon. Mar 01, Sophia rated it it communicaitons amazing Shelves: The Deuteronomic code established a single sanctuary and the Pentateuch included the material provided in B.

Empire and Communications Critical Media Studies: The written record signed, sealed, and swiftly transmitted was essential to military power and the extension of government. Lawrence by the French and in Hudson Bay by the English. The command of the superior obeyed by dependents was reinforced by the mystery of writing as a reflex of the spoken word.

Paul Charest rated it really empier it Mar 24, Empire and Communications is one of Innis’s most important contributions to the debate about how media influenced the development of ahrold and societies. Under rulers of the eighteenth dynasty B.

Empire and Communications – Harold Adams Innis – Google Books

The Priests’ code with the heavy economic burdens of a cultic system left no place for a king. The god of writing was closely related to the leading deities and reflected the power of the scribe over religion. Man was able to arrest time. Innis argued that the “bias” of each medium either toward space or hatold time helps determine the nature of the civilization in which that medium dominates.


Innis there could have been no Marshall McLuhan. Kroeber, Configurations of Cultural Growth Berkeley,p.

Brilliant book, a tough read but worth the effort. Imposition of the Achaemenid monarchy of Persia on the Babylonian and Egyptian empires implied a dominance of Aryans over Semitic peoples and it became necessary to give autonomy to alien nationalities within a military and tribute collecting organization. I have attempted to meet these problems by using the [11] concept of empire as an indication of the efficiency of communication.

They emphasized patriarchal authority in the family and polygamy. Libraries were slowly built up and uniform rules in the care of books were generally adopted in the 13th century.

We live in a moment in which the wages of empire weigh heavily on the world. Both relieved and incised Hittite characters were used simultaneously in engraving and the more elaborate script preserved for expensive monuments.

Persian religion was unable to resist the influences of Babylonia.

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