The first thing you learn about Omar Nasiri is that even his name is an alias. Read “Inside the Jihad My Life with Al Qaeda” by Omar Nasiri with Rakuten Kobo . Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s. Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s top foreign intelligence services-including France’s DGSE (Direction Read More.

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May 08, Marcelle rated it really liked it. Neither of these groups would be inclined to confirm the accounts. It was a fantasy spun by a terror suspect under US questioning, a fantasy that the US has spun even further and nasiro media has swallowed without thought.

On the other hand, if the conversation did not take place, ON would risk nothing. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you Between the two poles there is a large range of interpretations and understanding concerning Jihad. The Siege of Mecca.

Hte 05, Christopher Rex rated it liked it. The BBC are now out with their begging bowl so how much jihda was wasted on this tarted up production. A very small number turned their attention to the United States.

Upon returning to Europe, he continued his work as a spy in London, before moving to Germany and getting married.

Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al Qaeda by Omar Nasiri

I am grateful for the courage it took Nasiri, whomever he may be, to not only endure these camps, but to bravely persevere with the many obstacles throw at him from every direction. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. Copy provided by publisher. The author was in a unique position to successfully “pose” as a mujahidin, jihadist, or terrorist depending on your perspective and report back to the authorities in Europe.

This book is an education, and it is a warning. Though interesting comment in The Telegraph about difficulties Selbourne had in getting someone to publish the book [1]. Apr 14, Abhishek Agarwal rated it liked it.

Mar 18, Elsie rated it really liked it Shelves: Far more serious, the presentation was grotesque: Worst part of the book: I’m not really sure how to feel about this book. A great character study too of this troubled soul.


As an Arab and a Muslim, he was able to infiltrate the rigidly controlled Afghan training camps, where he encountered men who would later be known as the most-wanted terrorists on earth: One way or another this is bound to get back to AH, if it has not already done so.

After a bunch of hemming and hawing, I ultimately gave this three stars because it was an inte I’m not really sure how to feel about this book.

Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al Qaeda

I was hesitant about reading this one, but with the gentle urging of my husband, I dove in and found that I didn’t want to pull myself away.

I did not know the entire history of the Islam world, nor the many fractions within it. How do we face this incredible phenomenon which facing the world and spreading horror, confusion and fear in the hearts of millions around the globe? Later he spies in London but becomes somewhat bored and disillusioned and eventually settles in Germany to retire and get married.

With books like these it becomes painfully apparent how the agendas of our leaders are superimposed on the will of the people who elect them. As an Arab and a Muslim, he was able to infiltrate the rigidly controlled Afghan training camps, where he encountered men who would later be known as the most-wanted terrorists on earth: This process does not happen by military force or more arrogance or deeper stubbornness and continuous denial to see what stares in our face every single minute.

In the novel, Nasiri describes moving to Europe, after being involved in petty crime in his homeland of Morocco. Omar Nasiri is non other than Said El-Madja. Oct 17, Mythu Devan rated it it was amazing.

Further, it was astounding to me to read how completely inept the “intelligence” agencies involved with combating terrorism truly were and possibly still are.

The government changing its foreign policy would be a good start, Iraq has done more harm to the UK’s image with Muslims than decades of Abu Hamza ever could.


Have jjhad to see this programme But what about the US government? The other, Ah El Madja, also was convicted and sentenced to serve three years” [6a] [6b]. The bases in Afghanistan were remnants of a past war. Al Sadeeq Khalden x I also thought it was a telling glimpse into a much more sophisticated network focused on learning all they can in order to be successful insive bringing down their enemy.

What is the West doing to face the facts which may challenge the very essence of the modern mentality of superiority which has grown stronger and stronger since the fall of the Soviet Union and omarr the collapse of the communist regimes in most parts of the world? I still remember clarifying some of it with my Islamic friend.

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I hadn’t realised just how scornful Arab fighters were towards the Taliban and how even they regarded them as extreme in their actions and viewpoints. My biggest mental hurdle was that I knew the author was a self-admitted liar, so while I knew that this had been vetted and confirmed by a number of people who understand terrorist and jihadis, I could not stop questioning everything.

What do you think god would say. And when they don’t they should be killed, because that’s what happens to invading armies and occupiers.

He is merely pretending to be an extremist, but adopts their speech, behavior and even their beliefs in some respects. It had me poring over it non stop, huddled over it every morning on the tube. On the issue of “Al Qaeda” and the use of the term, I do believe its useful to denote the broader network.

He attended terrorist training camps as a spy, but later gave up his life as a spy when his heart was no longer in it. How the author was unable to have his own true identify, to fall in love, etc

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