In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably. In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, James Bamford exposes the inner workings of America’s largest, most secretive, and arguably most. Oct 13, Interesting essay about James Bamford and his efforts to publish The Puzzle Palace over the NSA’s objections. Required reading for those who.

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The story Bamford tells us really quite amazing.

The scarier idea is don’t disagree with the powers that be, but that has always been true. While they were at Marshall library, NSA officials told the library that the visit was part of a systematic effort to track down and, if necessary, remove from circulation research materials about sensitive matters that were used in Bamford’s book, library officials said. Almost 20 ye This is an author who approached the subject of the most secretive and least understood organization in our Defense Dept and government with a sensationalist journalist perspective.

The book is a little let down by the over-large number of individuals introduced, described briefly and then dropped.

Puzzle Palace was one of the first books about NSA and their are others now – but this is a good place to start. The Puzzle Palace is a book written by James Bamford and published in To ask other readers questions about The Puzzle Palaceplease sign up. Information may be classified or reclassified after an agency has received a request for it under the Freedom of Information Act 5 U. Considered the book on the NSA.

In a reverse way that was detrimental to the United States, the Soviet Union was able to obtain the resources of how to make nuclear explosives. District Court for the District of Columbia had ruled that the U. Secret communications is not always beneficial to the country that is getting them as with the new threat of nuclear war hanging over the world.


The Puzzle Palace

My hand therapist brought up this little known agency, NSA, that even some Presidents were unaware of. DES encryption which has since been obsoleted.

Ja,es only for those who want to know everything about the NSA and its predecessors up through or so – almost ancient history now. None of the discussed subject matter was classified, bamdord, according to the NSA, “it helped Bamford to complete his mosaic.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He did it all within the limits of the law – through attributable interviews, FOIA’ed documents, and meticulous research in public libraries and newspapers. I would recommend you read his second book about this agency: But these were documents that had been released to me by the attorney general under the Carter administration, Attorney General Civiletti.

Freedom of Information and the Right to Know: Bamford’s research are remarkable. One can only imagine how far technology has developed since then. So, it’s no novel, but the intrinsic interest of the subject matter makes up for this. Jun 06, Charles rated it really liked it Shelves: Bottom line is people would much rather have a controversial story than a real story of a the most jzmes organization in government.

The Puzzle Palace by James Bamford | : Books

The level of cooperation between the Pzlace speaking democracies when it comes to signals intelligence is unprecedented and one aspect of the current NSA mess that isn’t getting the coverage it deserves. Released documents could be reclassified as long as they could be reasonably recovered meaning that documents available to the public at large would not meet this criterion.


Open Preview See a Problem?

It also seems to be a network unto its own ranging from going beyond the law to developing worldwide infringement on other countries to the total control over the people that work in the agency. Books portal Intelligence portal Government of the United States portal s portal. Amazing how much information is available that the Media ignores.

The NSA is one of those government agencies that everybody knows about, except if you ask them what they know they scratch their head and say “not much.

The Puzzle Palace – Wikipedia

I’m guessing that there are better books to read these days on the NSA. The book more or less ends with The Church Committee hearings and warnings about the growing power of the NSA and what it can do to our democracy if left unchecked again, a timely warning, bamforx in but bizzarely, there’s an odd Afterword which deals with the history and structure of Britain’s NSA the GCHQ and the discover of a double agent for the Soviets inside it.

Books by James Bamford. And, of course, plenty of “windowless rooms. As seen in the novel Blowback vamford Chalmers Johnson, the United Tue used the Joint Combined Exchange Training Program as a means of acquiring other countries training strategies and a map of the territory while covering it up to look like the United States was trying to help the country mobilize its own forces and make them better.

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