The 13th Penal Legion, also known as the Last Chancers, is a Penal Legion of the Imperial Guard. However, rather than being simply a general punishment unit . Last Chancers has ratings and 22 reviews. T.j. said: Kage was a marine, untell a blackout sends him to the last chancers. now he must fight literally. The Last Chancers is a trilogy of novels set in the Warhammer universe written by Gav Thorpe. The novels in the series are named 13th Legion, Kill .

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All names, trademarks and images are copyright their respective owners. I will admit that there were moments in the book where the wanton death inflicted by the protagonist, Lieutenant Kage, on the Imperial forces seemed at times to be exce This was a great omnibus.

Decent writing, but nothing to make it unique, sadly. M41, on the world of Armageddon. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Nov 10, Wyatt Indermuehle rated it really liked it. However, there are other regiments that have been similarly condemned but are too valuable to simply discard—at least, not without making sure that their lives are sold at a heavy cost in the blood of the Imperium’s foes.

Unfortunately, their transport ship was critically hit by Chxncers gunfire cgancers its approach to orbit and all aboard were forced to abandon ship. All last chancers will have the fearless rule as long as Schaeffer is still alive.

And did I mention that these are dark? Apr 09, Bodicainking rated it really liked it. When the colonel orders him back to the penal colony, I’m not rooting for him to get While I have marked the omnibus as ‘read’, it is simply because I have no intention of picking it up again.

Some of these groups are subjected to a gruelling, months-long training regimens to enhance the natural skills and talents for which they were chosen. It’s a story about the 13th Penal Legion, or what’s left of the unit, told from Lieutenant Kage’s point of view. Gav spent 14 years as a developer for Games Workshop, and started writing novels and short stories in the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40, when the Black Library imprint chancfrs launched in There is perhaps no suicidal action which the Last Chancers have not undertaken, including but not limited to suicide assaults on sieged cities, rear-guard actions against overwhelming foes, daring commando raids into lzst territory, human shield operations, and holding the breach throughout unrelenting assaults.


Lasst Read Edit View history. So we don’t know what happens immediately afterwards. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. This book from tehe start seems a bit awkward as you learn that the main characters in here are criminals sent to fight chahcers the front lines.

I bought this omni as part of the new exclusive to Black Library re-print line, and am glad I did.

Citadel GW Warhammer 40k COLONEL SCHAEFFERS LAST CHANCERS Multi-List Choice | eBay

Omnibus of all three of the popular Last Chancers novels. Unlike the majority of Penal Legions, men and women belonging to groups like Colonel Schaeffer’s 13 th Penal Legion and other, similar organisations are remarkably well equipped for groups of incorrigible criminals.

This particular mission was to destroy the city of Coritanorum, which had rebelled against Imperial rule under the influence of Genestealer infiltration.

We are looking for Miniature’s Collectors to combine efforts in gathering all information about miniatures from over the world! More information about text formats. Little is known of the 13th Penal Legion before These remaining hardened killers would then be informed of the Colonel’s true objective, although rarely of its status as the driving force behind the regiment’s existence. If their missions call for it, these recruits might also receive training in close combat techniques, sabotage, infiltration, different insertion and extraction methods such as grav chutes and underwater infiltration, and survival in all manner of hostile environments.

Following this modus operandi of Colonel Shaeffer, there have ultimately been many different 13 th Penal Legions in the Imperial Guard’s history, one for each chosen objective, and although it is not known if all of these units were commanded by Schaeffer, his extreme age and status within the Inquisition suggest that the two have been linked for some time. Almost as if someone had said “Gav, you made Kage too likeable, fix that”. Want to Read saving….


The narrative ends abruptly, when Kage sacrifices himself on their last mission. If Brains is slain then Ox will go berserk, doubling his strength and toughness for the rest of the game. There is a high chance men under his command will die before reaching the front lines, normally a direct result of forced marching along the quickest path en route to the frontline, normally footslogging though “hazardous” environments, and on the off-chance they survive that, the missions they’re employed on are so suicidal that it would be easier for them to just ask the Commissar to get it over with already though if they did the Commissar would just have them flogged.

This unit was then transferred from war zone to war zone, continually taking casualties – although two Afriel Strain soldiers were added after the battle on False Hope – until it finally arrived at Typhos Prime with a grand total of 12 surviving penal troopers.

The Last Chancers

Roll two dice when rolling to see if targeted vehicle is damage, use the highest value. These 3 novels portray the lives of those who have rebelled from the Imperium, all deserters and traitors who are a hairsbreadth from on the spot execution as they struggle to redeem themselves through forced service in a penal legion unit.

When Warrior Woman assaults she can add 3 inches to her assault movement and adds 2 attacks rather than 1. If any unit sets up or arrives within 4D6 of Animal than their arrival is detected by the instrument.


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