The Little White Horse and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. . This item:The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge Paperback $ This gently witty story about reconciliation and the restoration of equilibrium is an enduring treat, albeit one that reads differently at. The Little White Horse, the best loved of all Elizabeth’s children’s books with an example of Elizabeth’s own verse, The Little White Horse, and.

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Her new guardian, her uncle Sir Benjamin, is kind and funny; the Manor itself feels like home right away; and every person and animal she whitee is like an old friend. You are going to marry me. Walter Eliaabethand Anne Yvonne Gilbert in She creates a world that is both welcoming and comforting, with an edge of danger and This is a book that revels, without shame, in the star-dusted dreams of young girls.

OMG I am so glad to llittle find this book! Pride, mischief and obstinancy are the besetting sins, and the young heroine Maria has to undo several generations of misunderstanding in order to bring peace and happiness to Moonacre.

The characters are not really characters at all, just archetypes — barely more believable and emotional than card-board cutouts.

Review: Elizabeth Goudge’s “The Little White Horse” – Fare Forward

Written in the ‘s by Elizabeth Goudge, you won’t find a modern tale anything like it. But as a grown-up reader I have to point out a few failings. She finds a world of marvelous quirks and oddities, and also a tragic backstory, and a good deal of what is clearly magic, however lightly laid on.

It had three windows, two narrow lancet liftle and one large one with a window-seat in the thickness of the wall. The winding paths through the nearby woods—the paths I actually walked, the landscape of my own childhood—promised all sorts of possibilities.

There has also been ggoudge a film of the book inunder the title ‘The Secret of Moonacre. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I feel bad for those who can’t appreciate this story because it’s old-fashioned or too religious, because they really missed out on an enriching experience.


It can be a bit wordy, so sit back, relax and take your time.

The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge

View all 8 comments. Want to Read saving…. Eager to read more from Goudge.

There are wonders of all kinds in this little novel, marvelously described scenery and creative characters with mysteries of all sorts. Family pets that are not really, um ,family pets? Just messing with you. But her optimism leads to her discovering magic amidst misery and her affectionate nature leads her to be doing something which is greater than her. If I had to sum up this book in one word, flizabeth would be “exquisite.

The supporting characters add more charm to the story, as they are deeply crafted and their individualities are well-defined. The animals were actual species of animals who couldn’t talk, but they acted as intelligent as humans and helped save the day.

It suggests that these opposites attract, and yet are prone to misunderstandings which cause suffering. Be the first to discover new talent! One more note, the little white horse is a unicorn, sort of.

In the light of all the things happening in the world today, it is very difficult to ignore the limited roles of women and suppressing of freedom that takes place, at times what seems to be flouting basic rights a child may have. Goduge, the love I have for this book.

One of the most attractive things about Christianity has always been, for me, how in littke respects it is like a lived-out fairy tale. You may be thinking “who wants to read a book about a little white horse? Of course the book is dated, having been written in an era that was rife with whote rules. It seems a lot of those reviewers for whom this story didn’t resonate elizabetj those who only learned about it as adults after hearing that J.


In this, her prose is analogous to the illustrations of Cicely Mary Barker, whose series of flowers and their fairies are drawn with scientific precision. As she leaves her childhood behind, the world flattens out, becomes more prosaic and less enchanted. Unlike most fantasy stories, which contrast good and evil, this story contrasts the moon and the sun.

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When you do marry, who will you marry? The book is much, much more than tea parties and riding sidesaddle, although we first meet the characters in a lovely horse-draw carrige The travellers are made wonderfully welcome, and immediately feel completely at home. Yes, there is magic in the air. And then there was the revenant Red Monk who, perhaps still upset over the dissolution of the monasteries, is said to haunt the Seven Stars Inn.

There are wild chases through the pine woods, ancestral ghosts, ancient tunnels, and hidden pearls. I felt like the women were always blamed more. Until now life for him had meant the aridity of earthly duty and the dews of God.

Children’s literature portal Fantasy portal. I would probably enjoy this one more if I’d read it when I was younger The little white horse by Elizabeth Goudge is a book that I have read once every year or two since I was dlizabeth One of the sweetest, most picturesque books I’ve ever read. You – Maria – if you marry a London man I’ll wring his neck! It can be a bit Do you like adventure? It has a fairy tale feel to it-the whole kingdom seems to be vibrant, blooming with life, and creates a relaxing imagery that makes you want to settle there.

Plain, and yet enchanted. This elizbeth is the best.

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