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Chanesar was the Soomra ruler of Devalkot near Thatta. The remarkable thing is that Sindh resisted as well as it did.

When Dahir’s severed head was presented to Hajjaj, a courtier sang: MalkaniHowever, Khalifa Walid was in no mood for another bloody attempt on Sindh. This country has never been rich in its documentation of events. It makes four great points: Against all evidence, I decide in favour of the poor.

This is the most fun you’ll ever have inside a book about software engineering.

The Sindh Story

They are of an unfeeling and hasty temper, and are given to blood- shed only. This man was promptly named Maulana Islami and sent, with a Syrian noble, to deliver a message to Dahir. The biggest of them, with a Buddhist stupa on top, is the one now known as Mohenjo- daro, near Larkana.

From these I have learnt of your great love for, and attachment to, the sftware of Sindh. The seven cities of Mooanjo-daro, with an aggregate height of seventy feet, therefore, represent some twelve thousand years of history. But neither the blessings on birth nor the benediction from the other world, availed him when the Sindhis killed him at Budhiya.

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The only strong resistance that was offered came from the proud Rajputs, the descendants of the invading Huns of the earlier days. The outside world knew ancient India only by ancient Sindh and the adjoining coastal areas.

His roar is engiineer up to heaven above the earth; he puts forth endless vigour with a flash of light One day I was travelling in a city bus. Every year the Sindhu brings masses of alluvial soil.

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His sons founded the cities of Peshawar Pushkalavati and Taxila Takshasila. However, the greatest Sindhi of the British period if we leave out politics was Rishi Dayaram. MalkaniThe morality that he imposed was in its context, one of ruthless courage and social pride. The Sindhi Muslim was sound at heart, but the winds of change had left him almost unchanged.

It describes the life of a common software engineer, and if you are a software engineer fresher myself being one then my advice would be consider reading it. It was half rant, have advice and funny on the whole. MalkaniHowever, the Sindhi epic of the period par excellence is the Umar Marui. Malkani’s book is a book of history. There was a slight mixture of accents, American and French, but the English was almost pedantically accurate, without a trace of slang.

The sight of the Sindhu at Sukkur with the island of Zindah Pir above, the island of Bakhar supporting the Lansdowne Bridge, in the middle, the Sadhbela island-temple, and the Sukkur Barrage with its seven canals below is one of the great sights of natural and man-made beauty in the world. He was quite right. I fell for the ti 1.

The Indus then followed an easterly course and the eastern- most channel emptied itself in Kutch, which then was under the sea. It occurred to me that all of us had lost our flashlights. As long as East and West Pakistan were one state, a major attraction to the Bangladesh Hindus visiting the west wing was, Hinglaj. Foreign policy must be based on international law and morality and the pragmatic but enlightened long-range interests of the nation. To write the story called history is not thus an easy task.


MalkaniThe lesson of recent historical events might well induce some sober and responsible thinking amongst the fanatics. Hassan Ali Effendi started the madrassa in Karachi that produced what little the Sindhi Muslim middle class there was.

PaperbackFirst Editionpages.

The tragedy is that India at this time was not in good shape. Many Hindu arts and sciences began to flow from Sindh into the Arab lands.

Gandhi and some of the dangerous communalists created by her, and Akbar the great is, and has been, under attack by the orthrodox Ulemas of Islam. The early historians always wondered where these great fathers of western civilization came from. Apr 01, Udit rated it liked it. The merger with Bombay linked Sindh to Hindu India officially and softtware.

A small army will get annihilated. This book has so many funny details of incidents and people working in IT industry that I was unable to control my laugh all the way.

LOSER: Life Of a Software EngineeR

In Sindh, the Arabs lived in isolated colonies, particularly in Mansurah, the twin-city of Brahmanabad, while the people went their own way under the local chiefs. It is no wonder that the Arabs who had overrun Iran in A.

These historians also claim that Mahmud’s horoscope was identical with that of Lif Mohammed. But, how about the land, the people, and the culture of ancient Sindh?

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